Vittles Season 6

Food and the Arts

The making of a beautiful pint. Words by Ana Kinsella; Illustration by Sinjin Li.
and I'll tell you who you are. Words by Steph Marsden, Thom Eagle, Jen Calleja, Bethany Rutter, Nina Mingya Powles, Angela Hui, and Georgina Leung.
How one chain changed the way we eat. Words by Digby Warde-Aldam; Illustration by Sinjin Li
Birchas Hamazon and Shabbat lunches through time. Words by Aaron Vallance, Abi Finley, Ben Vallance, Deborah Finley and Rachel Vallance-Pegg. Vocals by…
What Restaurants Can Learn From Homer. Words by Thom Eagle; Illustration by Sinjin Li
A Vittles Series. Words by Amandeep Sandhu, Daniyal Ahmed, Aiman Rizvi, Sangeet Toor and Sharanya Deepak. Illustrations by Samia Singh.
Words by Aiman Rizvi; Illustration by Samia Singh
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