Vittles - A food newsletter for novel times.

Vittles is a food and culture newsletter based in the UK and India, edited by Jonathan Nunn, Sharanya Deepak and Rebecca May Johnson. Each season, it runs themed deep dives into aspects of food culture by different writers, from regional chippie guides to food in care homes. The British Library has called it one of ‘the most significant, exciting, innovative and broad-reaching platforms in the food world’ while The New Statesman has said it ‘seeks to fill the large gaps left behind by the UK’s elite and inaccessible food media.

The current season, Season 7, is Food and Policy.

The columns

While the main newsletter goes out on Monday, on Friday the paywalled newsletter is taken by a series of regular columns and features. Jonathan Nunn writes about London restaurants; Feroz Gajia about supermarket snacks; Yvonne Maxwell about Black food culture in the UK, and Ruby Tandoh about incidental eating. There is also a rotating column, Normal Country, about the everyday food culture of Britain.

The latest column, Grand Paris, explores the restaurant and architecture of Paris and its suburbs.


All contributors to Vittles are paid fairly: the current rate is £800 for a full newsletter. This is all made possible through user donations. All paid-subscribers have access to the back catalogue of paywalled articles. A subscription costs £5/month or £45 for a whole year.

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Vittles is an online magazine based in the UK and India, publishing new food and culture writing.



A food newsletter for novel times